Retired priest to host ‘pain-healing mission’ in Bohol

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MANILA, Dec. 22, 2014 — A retired priest will gather about 200 indigent seniors who have health complaints for the pain healing mission by Kanlungan ni Maria – Home for the Aged (Kanlungan) in Bohol on Feb. 11, 2015.

Fr. Fernando R. Po said in an interview via e-mail interview on Dec. 17 that less fortunate seniors, whom he described as one of the forgotten sectors of society, would be the mission’s priority.

Fr. Fernando R. Po says a “missa pro populo” on the 5th Misa de Gallo at the Parish of St. Ignatius of Loyola in Tagbiliran City. (Photo from Fr. Po's Facebook)

“We will look for the poorest among the poor, from different communities in the province,” he said.

‘Tender loving care’

Po observed retired people get less than what they deserve after decades of helping in nation-building.

“Our seniors may have received assistance from the government,” he said. “But there are more who need more than that.”

The elderly “need tender loving care being sick and really getting old,” Po explained.

Po was inspired to call together less fortunate seniors in Bohol for Kanlungan’s pain-healing mission after reading a Dec. 17 CBCP News story, “Seniors’ home gives non-residents health packs,” which he posted on his Facebook wall.

“I read in that article about giving magnesium, which the seniors are deficient of,” Po said. “The seniors cannot afford to buy medicines and vitamins.”

Free magnesium therapy

Kanlungan’s pain healing missions, which capitalize on the natural and safe curative power of the mineral, have been drawing indigent elderly in Rizal for free magnesium therapy.

“Magnesium has the capacity to relieve and heal various pains since it is a muscle-relaxant that prevents muscle and nerve contractions which cause pain,” said Mary Jean Netario Cruz, who is Kanlungan wellness program director.

Kanlungan has provided free magnesium therapy to about 500 seniors in Rizal in its four healing missions in the towns of Jalajala, Pililia, and Cainta, said Fr. Dari D. Dioquino, Kanlungan priest in charge.

Elderly’s common health complaints

Health complaints include back pain, gout, arthritis, migraine, frozen shoulders, pins and needles, and other conditions related to magnesium deficiency.

The common diet among Filipinos is very low in magnesium, Netario Cruz said.

“This deficiency is worsened by unhealthy lifestyle like too much caffeine intake, alcohol, stress, and by some pharmaceutical drugs that deplete magnesium in the body,” noted Netario Cruz, who is the country’s top magnesium advocate.

Replenishing the body, either orally or through the skin, with magnesium addresses the problem, she said.

Netario Cruz restores magnesium in the body by transdermal method, bypassing the laxative effect of the mineral if taken orally. (Oliver Samson/CBCP News)


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