MANILA, August 8, 2013— The Metro Manila Development Authority should consider the impact of its policy to ban provincial buses in Metro Manila to the people, a Catholic bishop said. 

Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo said the new policy may ease the traffic but warned of possible negative impact to the ordinary commuters. 

According to him, the MMDA project would certainly translate to additional expense for students and ordinary workers. 

He said the system would also affect people with disabilities and the elderly. 

“The government should carefully consider the impact of this policy to the people particularly the poor, to ordinary workers, students, PWDs, and the elderly,” Pabillo said. 

The bishop also cited that many students fail to go attend classes because of the lack of money for transportation. 

There may be a need to improve the public transport system in Metro Manila, but he said it must not also be to the detriment of the commuters in getting to their destinations. 

“What the people want is a policy that will not be an additional burden to them,” Pabillo said. 

The ban for provincial buses started on Tuesday and drew flak from thousands of commuters who were delayed for work or school.  (CBCPNews)