Aquino hit for failing to prosecute Arroyo

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MANILA, July 5, 2011— President Benigno Aquino III is better heard than seen in going after former President Arroyo’s alleged corruption cases, militant church organizations said.

Aquino, they said, has talked too much, but no progress is in sight yet to hold Arroyo liable over her alleged misdeeds when she was still president.

Aquino earlier announced that cases are already being readied against Arroyo, now Pampanga representative, and her allies.

But the Promotion of Church People’s Response (PCPR) and the Solidarity Philippines (SP) both claimed it is just a way for Aquino to earn brownie points as his State of the Nation Address (SONA) approaches.

“He just wants to earn plus points for his SONA. He has not shown any strong political will to really prosecute Arroyo in his first year in office. He’s just fond of talking,” said SP convener Fr. Joe Dizon.

“We challenge the administration to file (actual) charges against GMA instead of media announcements, which are being used to hide its inefficiency to address people’s concerns and to have a good image and report as the SONA comes near,” said PCPR Secretary General Nardy Sabino.

Running priest, Fr. Robert Reyes has also uttered dismay over the “failure” of the Aquino administration to prosecute Arroyo who remains scot-free and unindicted.

He also expressed doubts on Aquino’s latest pronouncements saying he has to see it to believe it.

“To see people prosecuted, convicted, jailed is to believe. GMA is now being accused and unless she and her husband and their sons are jailed, all of these are mere politics,” Reyes said.

Last Monday, Aquino said that at least four cases are set to be filed against Arroyo and her officials, including those related to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office fund mess.

Aquino, though, said nothing is certain yet as the Executive Department is still building up the cases.

And if the cases are actually filed, the two groups and Reyes all said they would be happy to see some progress in making Arroyo accountable.

“It is already a long overdue task for the Aquino government to do… Aquino needs to do more action than talking,” said Dizon.

“The people knew of the Arroyos’ accountabilities. That’s why different groups, including the Church-based, have filed cases against her,” added Sabino. (CBCPNews)

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