Youth need to be challenged into priesthood

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Fr. Francis Lucas talks to some young Filipinos from the Middle east after his workshop.

MARIKINA City, April 8, 2013—Far from being a stodgy state of life priesthood is not unlike the extreme reality shows on TV. This is how a priest suggests young people can be initially encouraged to look into and consider the vocation of priesthood.

“For me, young people need to be challenged . Reality shows are very popular, especially the extremes…I see the vocation of the priesthood as one of the extreme challenges,” said Catholic Media Network president Fr. Francis Lucas.

In an interview, Fr. Lucas went on to compare how the priesthood to an extreme reality show with challenges like obeying one’s bishop, serving and being one with the poor, and dealing with affluent, well-placed people who are used to getting their way. 

While giving a workshop on communication theology and the New Evangelization last Saturday at the 20th CFC – Youth for Christ International Leaders’ Conference (YFC – ILC), he also recounted how despite unbelievable challenges, he sees the “mistake” of entering the priesthood as one he will never regret. 

“The greatest vocation, the greatest profession rolled into one is the priesthood, to be a missionary at that, to serve others,” Fr. Lucas, who is also the executive secretary of the CBCP – Episcopal Commission on Social Communication and Mass Media, added. 

Though of course, young people will eventually realize that there is more to the priesthood than Survivor-style challenges, Fr. Lucas said, it is a step by step “heart and mind” discovery that requires guidance from good role models, catechists, parents and lay groups. 

The YFC – ILC workshop was held at the Marikina Convention Center. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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