Youth ministers vow to share lessons learned during NCYM conference

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LEGAZPI City, Oct. 11, 2012—Youth ministers who have attended the recently concluded National Conference for Youth Ministers (NCYM) in this city vowed to share to fellow young people what they have learned during the national event.

Lessons learned

A youth leader from the CFC-Singles for Christ (SFC) stated that what struck her the most was the presence of some bishops and clergy in the gathering and the first time she saw priests attending an event with the purpose of being with the youth which for her was significant.

Anne Jayme shared that plenary talks, lectures and workshops given during the NCYM were helpful for them basing on the sharing of people who gave the talk.

Jayme also said that she learned a lot from her interaction with people doing well in their own organizations, hearing their best practices and looking into how they help their respective communities, which she will be doing as soon as she goes back to her own community.

While for Ella Alfaro of Pasig diocese, the national event helped her to develop deeper faith which helped her acquire long patience and become more sensitive to things around her.

For Rozanne Jamaica Vasallo, a youth leader from Chiro Youth Movement (Chiro Pilipinas) the event made her realize the joys of service to the youth and being an instrument of God who mirror His love to others.

“The conference made me feel that I am not alone and not capable of being alone in this ministry. I need my co-ministers, the Church, religious, young people and more importantly, the source of all love, God, in my youth ministry,” Vasallo said.

Shared knowledge

Meanwhile, Dexter Ferreras from the Student Catholic Action of the Philippines (SCAP), the effective way of sharing what he learned during the NCYM is by journeying with fellow youth.

“What they really need is company, that is why it is important to journey with them,” he said.

He also said that being a youth minister is hard, but with the help of his/her fellow young people, it will become easy.

And Reynald Rosselle, a youth leader from the Archdiocese of Cebu said that the challenge of a youth minister is to be an instrument in giving inspiration to the youth. 

Volunteers also learned skills 

Volunteers in different teams shared that they likewise gained new knowledge and skills, although not as participants but members of the working committee.

Mother and daughter Dehna and Hacinta Sevilla said they were overwhelmed by the reaction of their fellow Albayanon’s particularly those who are from Legazpi because they opened their places for the guest youth ministers.

“I was surprised that parishes and families were so generous to open their places for our guests. This is the 1st time for the diocese to practice housing sites for delegates,” Dehna said.

The Sevilla mother added that as a volunteer and member of the accommodation team, she found it significant to know that the diocese is always opening its door and arms to visitors.

While Hacinta on the other hand stated that being a volunteer helped her improved her leadership and management skills and be more patient.

“In anything you do, you should have that process not to skip tasks and in order to improve and do better, you should realize that your task is important,” the daughter Sevilla said.

She was also grateful that there are people who have the capacity to help during emergencies, especially those who are in need.

Meanwhile, Seminarian Tyler Jared Boone from Mater Salutis Seminary College shared that at first, he was reluctant to agree in being part of the documentation team because he felt there were others who deserve to be part of it.

“But eventually, I learned through the process that it doesn’t matter how good you are, what matters is you were chosen. Like the time that I came here in the venue not prepared, but God guided me every step of the way,” Boone furthered. (Jandel Posion)

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