Youth initiates programs to educate first-time voters

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MANILA, Feb. 1, 2013—Youth leaders are making certain politicians with the right intentions would make it in the upcoming mid-term elections.

To ensure that people with integrity would be voted in the upcoming 2013 elections, youth leaders in the National Capital Region (NCR) are doing some initiatives to educate young people, especially first time voters.

NCR youth coordinator Peter Pardo said, they are intensifying their efforts on voters education among parish youth and also co-organizing voters education to small circles like campus ministries.

“This is just a small effort from our part, we tap schools before the school year ends but definitely, the voters education will be intensified in the parish level,” Pardo said.

Pardo, who is youth coordinator of Parañaque diocese, is encouraging all young people and youth leaders in the different dioceses in NCR to inspire fellow youth to vote in May election because their vote is very important to ensure that right people will be voted to ‘represent the youth sector’ in both Houses of Congress.

“This coming election is critical, based on the events that happened in our society in the past months, we need to ensure that we will vote for the right people,” he said.

“Hopefully, if there is any election that the youth will lead, it must be this coming election. To ensure that right people will be elected especially in the House of Representatives and Senate, we must vote for the right people to represent us,” Pardo added.

Meanwhile, Dani Villanueva, youth coordinator of Antipolo diocese said their focus is to educate not just youth leaders but also the grass roots.

“We actually started the campaign for voters’ education using the social media, so there are youth leaders who are interested and excited for the activity. We wanted to use the means in order to invite and ask the youth to go to polling precincts during election period to vote, to exercise their right to vote,” Villanueva furthered.

Pardo and Villanueva stressed that NCR youth will be non-partisan so as to have a clean and honest 2013 mid-term election. (Jandel Posion/CBCPNews)

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