971139_10153014317375578_946012271_n copyMANILA, July 11, 2013— The World Youth Day (WYD) is an experience of faith and an encounter with God, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle told the official WYD delegation of the Archdiocese of Manila last Monday.

During their commissioning mass on July 8 at the RCAM Chapel, the Cardinal reminded the young delegates that they have to go to the event with this in mind, “God is with youth, as he walks, you walk.”

The cardinal stressed that the journey to World Youth Day is not just a physical journey or a geographical journey, but an internal journey.

“Walking with God, with Jesus towards life and spirit, these will help you to really have a fruitful missionary experience. Show other youth delegates the best of the Filipino Catholics. Show them that we have something to contribute with the worldwide Church, in our simplicity, in our joy, let them experience the presence of God journeying with us, bringing hope,” Tagle added.

Tagle pointed out that the mission of journeying with God has a responsibility; when you journey with God, you will journey according to how God journeys.

“God said, do justice, love, kindness and walk humbly with your God. Walk with God means that the Lord walks. How does the Lord walk? Humbly. And walking with God, how He walks, that is how you will walk. God walks humbly, you walk with him, so your walk will be a humble one,” he said.

Mission for the Church

Tagle emphasized that the commissioning mass is helpful for the delegates to realize that they have a mission not only for their family, but for the whole Church.

“In your journey to Rio, there will be a ladder to heaven and in that ladder; the angels will climb ascending and descending back to you. Don’t be afraid because there is a promise behind that, that God will not leave you and the journey will always be with God. Journey with God because God journeys with us, and it is good to think that He is the one sending you to be pilgrims of the archdiocese to the World Youth Day celebration,” Tagle explained.

The cardinal also reminded the pilgrims if they wanted to have a missionary journey during the international gathering, they must discern what God wants them to accomplish there.

“What does God want the Philippine delegation to contribute there? You will journey to where the Lord wants to journey. You have a mission there. Of all the young people, you are the chosen few, you are the ones sent by God, declare that,” Tagle furthered.

The cardinal also thanked the pilgrims for being young missionaries of the archdiocese.

Official delegates from the Archdiocese of Manila are composed of 9 priests and 17 lay and young people from Manila, and the dioceses of Parañaque, Pasig, Daet, and Palawan.

The group will have their missionary week in the Diocese of Sao Paolo, Brazil and will depart Manila to Sao Paolo on July 15, Monday. (Jandel Posion)