WYD delegates make last minute preparations for Madrid

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MANILA, August 7, 2011—A day before the departure of ECY-Philippines delegation to the World Youth Day celebration in Spain, some of the delegates are still doing some last minute preparations.

Sub-groups from all over the country are still preparing as a group and as individual pilgrims prior to their departure to Madrid.


Layna Santos, 32 and Mermey Salazar, 33, both from Assumption Antipolo (Luzon) said that they are providing pertinent information, such as their itinerary in Madrid for the WYD celebration and their Post-WYD activities, to their families and friends.

“We need to have communications with our families, friends and relatives about our trip. Mag-iwan ng information sa mga lugar na pupuntahan sa Spain at yun mga contact persons naman doon for the post-WYD activities namin,” Salazar said.

For Layna Santos, her last minute preparations include checking the things that are indicated in her checklist of things.

“I’m trying not to miss out special things like medicines or small things like toiletries. Sinasabihan ko din mga members naming na mga minors to do the same. And then we’re weighing our luggage’s para hindi mag-excess,” she said.

Tokens for host families

From the diocese of Bacolod (Visayas), Giovanni Alivio’s last minute preparations together with co-pilgrims from the diocese include printing out shirts for them for identification purposes during the WYD celebration.

“Other than the shirts and packing up things, we are also preparing for tokens to be given to foster families and new[ly] found friends during the celebration,” Alivio added.

Meanwhile, MJ Basillos, a 34 year-old from the Diocese of Surigao (Mindanao) said she is still packing the necessary things she will bring with her in Madrid.

Physical and spiritual

Santos and Salazar have also prepared themselves physically by getting some exercises like jogging and yoga.

Alivio, meanwhile, is on a healthy diet and has been avoiding sweet and high-cholesterol foods. At the same time, he is doing a 300-meter walk.

Delegates also prepared themselves spiritually.

Bastillos together with her group always prays the rosary every morning and has devoted to pray the 3 o’clock prayer.

Alivio’s group has prayer sessions with reflections, as well as faith sharing on the theme of WYD 2011. Also, they have devoted to pray the rosary and attend the Eucharist every day.

Salazar and Santos, meanwhile, are fortunate enough to have spiritual enrichment program from their school.

ECY-Philippines delegates will stay at Coria-Caceres diocese from August 11-15 together with other pilgrims from US, France, Germany and Australia before heading to Madrid for the main celebration of the 26th World Youth Day. (Jandel Posion)


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