DHAKA, June 4, 2013–The Bishops’ Commission for the Laity held a theological seminar in Dhaka, between 27 and 31 May, attended by 52 faithful from seven different dioceses.

“The growth of the Catholic Church cannot neglect the contribution and participation of the laity,” Archbishop Patrick D’Rozario said at the meeting.

The meeting gave lay participants an opportunity to enhance their awareness of the role they play within the Catholic Church.

“Teaching theology is designed to nurture the need for daily prayer among the faithful,” said Patrick D’Rozario, president of the Bishops’ Conference of Bangladesh and head of the local Commission for the Laity. Indeed, for him prayer but also missionary vocation are especially important.

All the participants expressed great enthusiasm for the outcome of the initiative. “I have never had a theology course,” Jhorna Cruze, 66, told AsiaNews. “I think the experience of this seminar will help me. I can now speak of Christ to those who do not believe.”

In Bangladesh, a country with a population of about 161 million, Catholics represents approximately 0.3 per cent, half of them of tribal origin.

Unlike the Protestant community among whom theology courses are relatively frequent, Catholics have rarely had this opportunity. (AsiaNews)