Values and virtue key to parenthood – Vatican official

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Msgr LaffitteMANILA, June 4, 2013—A high ranking official of the Catholic Church has cited values and virtue as main keys to proper parenthood after the United Nations has declared June 1st, 2013 the first ‘Global Day of Parents’.

Msgr. Jean Laffitte, secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Family hailed the move of the UN General Assembly which recognizes that the family has a primary responsibility in nurturing and protecting children.

Laffitte in an interview classified the challenges of parents in taking care of their children, saying, “The first challenge is that of preparing children in a natural way, without hurrying their growth and education. This means to convey certain values, so that the children are filled with hope. Hope and belief that one day they will find their one true love. The second challenge is that a certain number of virtues must be transmitted, as well: mostly rigor and respect for themselves and others.”

The official also took the time to give his own piece of advice to parents around the world.

“You are modern day heroes: be brave and remember you are fortunate. You have a treasure in your hands: something that the Lord has given you. Be brave! And best wishes to you and your children,” said Laffitte. (Paul De Guzman)

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