Valentine’s Day also for singles – priest

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MANILA, Feb. 13, 2015 – What day in the entire year do single people feel the most out of place? Valentine’s Day, of course. But a priest recently stressed that the Day of Hearts is for everyone who knows how to love – unattached or in a relationship.

“To love does not mean you have to have a partner, especially on Valentine’s Day,” said Fr. Kim Margallo, director of the Commission on Youth in the Archdiocese of Palo.

He emphasizes in recollections he gives to youth in the archdiocese that on Valentine’s Day one does not need to have a partner on Feb. 14 or else, as is often believed, they would be celebrating “Independence Day.” This is a misconception, he said, one that should be eradicated from the minds of young people and those who have decided to live out single blessedness.

Margallo also expressed his reaction to people’s quips about priests who live out chastity and celibacy. He said priests should not be thought to be among those who will celebrate “Independence Day” on Valentine’s Day because they have no partners.

“It is wrong to say that because…our partner is God,” he said, underscoring priests’ faithfulness to Him.

According to the priest, “love could be shared with those who are needy.”

Loving he said should not only be expressed on Valentine’s Day but during all the months of the year, so long as this is done with full responsibility for the consequences of such acts of loving. (Eileen Nazareno-Ballesteros/CBCP News)

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