Transparency, accountability key to Church health

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MANILA, Oct. 24, 2013–A Catholic bishop said that transparency and accountability are the only way to ensure a strong and healthy Church.

Borongan Bishop Crispin Varquez said it is through such values that the Church can restore and strengthen its credibility.

He warned that the lack of this rule of thumb could generate everything from headaches to disgruntled parishioners.

“To maintain our credibility and influence is to really be transparent and accountable in our management of the temporal goods of the Church,” Varquez said.

But the bishop admitted that implementing the two facets of integrity remains a “challenge” for many bishops, priests, religious and even lay leaders in the Church.

“To maintain our moral authority is to be faithful to the teachings of the Church and to do what we preach,” Varquez added.

“The early Christians were highly respected because they were witness of what they preached. They were able to convert people, even kings, because they lived their faith,” he said. (CBCPNews)

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