MANILA, Feb. 21, 2015—Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle on Wednesday reminded the Catholic faithful of three acts they must do in fitting observance of the Lenten season—praying, fasting, and doing acts of charity to the poor and needy.

“This Lenten season, let us all remember that God truly loves us. In response to this love, where do we place ourselves? Is it in God or to other things that could lead us astray?” Tagle said in his homily during the Ash Wednesday Mass held at the Arobispado de Manila chapel.

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle (Photo: CBCPNews)


The cardinal urged the faithful to fast and donate whatever amount they can save to those who are in need, promoting the Manila Archdiocese’s Fast2Feed program that aims to feed malnourished children.

“It is a big scandal facing humanity—why do some people suffer from hunger and poverty, while others live in abundance? Let this call be a reminder so we will all not forget this reality,” he said in Filipino.

Tagle also called on the laity to be more sensitive to the plight of others, urging them to shun individualism by including intentions for the poor and needy in their personal prayers.

Others first

“It is not wrong to pray for our personal needs, but how often do we actually pray for others? Why are we being individualistic in our prayers? Why do we always place ourselves first before the Lord?” he said in the vernacular.

The prelate said that there are many avenues where the faithful could channel help to those who are in need like individuals who are suffering from poverty and disabilities, among many others.

“The chance to help others will never run out…Let us all pray and act towards genuine peace, solidarity, and justice. As long as we don’t care about our neighbors, as long as indifference reigns within us, peace will never be attained,” Tagle said in Filipino.

“Let us look at others as our own brothers and sisters. Let us learn to love others. It is through this way that we can return back to the Lord,” he added. (Jennifer M. Orillaza/CBCP News)