Surprisingly, guys think virginity is the ‘in’ thing

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MANILA, May 31, 2013—Guys speak up about virginity and the reasons of why they do not think it is “outdated” could prove surprising to some. 

Sex ? happiness

“I think virginity is just what we need right now…Our perception of happiness has changed, so that we think pre-marital sex (PMS) and other sexual acts can make us happy,” said Paolo Magtibay, 17, an incoming Ateneo de Manila freshman.

Despite an ongoing struggle to go against what movies or media show, chastity is a “sure way” to be happy, Magtibay added.

Dondie Bernardino, 29, a multi media-product specialist, is even more upfront.

“I think pre-marital sex ang outdated, since Old Testament times pa,” Bernardino said, explaining that PMS is an “old story” of humanity—something that is odds with the freshness of the Gospel itself.

A Salesian Youth Movement leader, Bernardino added, valuing virginity is something new and concrete that Jesus gave us when He saved us from sin—which includes sex outside of marriage.

According to Bernardino, deciding to save one’s virginity is a fruit of living a full life—a life with Christ.

No to peer pressure, desperation

Contrary to the popular notion of “if it feels right, do it”, some young people still believe sex belongs to marriage and not to people who just feel the heady hormones of puppy love.

“’Feel’ isn’t enough, you have to ‘know’ that you love this person and want to spend the rest of your life with this person… I think that sex after marriage is the best course of action,” said Lakan Dela Cruz, 14, a Philippine Science High School Western Visayas student.

He noted how young people may get pressured into losing their virginity because of peer pressure or desperation.

With a culture obsessed with “instants”—instant noodles, 10 Mbps internet speed, speed dating—waiting to have sex seems almost counter intuitive.

But for Keith Janohan, 30, a marketing and communications head, time is exactly what adds up to the premium of virginity.

“Virginity is like a gift, it does not get outdated,” he added.  (Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz)

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