Summer camp tackles youth’s role in good governance

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ZAMBOANGA City, March 21, 2011—Around 98 Christian and Muslim youth leaders gathered in a spirit of dialogue to discuss the prevailing issues in society and their role in promoting good governance in the nation.

Representing various youth groups, communities, schools and organizations, the young leaders assembled for the 12th Silsilah Solidarity Youth Camp (SSYC) held at the Harmony Village Campsite, Sinunuc, Zamboanga City on May 10-14.

With the theme “Youth of Today: Leading Good Governance for Better Society through Dialogue and Peace”, the youth gathering aimed to lead the youth to become more involved in the advocacy of good governance.

Resource speaker Prof. Alzad Sattar, a young respected Muslim leader in Basilan, spoke on the topic “Youth and Its Role”, highlighting the important role of the youth effecting change in society.

Citing their idealism and boundless energy, Sattar said young people can become dynamic agents of social change.
He said they would have to put God at the center of their lives though, to become good Christians and Muslims.

The youth camp had various activities that included team building, camp-fire, camp craft making, film viewing, and sports festival which gave participants the opportunity to interact with one another.

Sessions and workshops were also given to participants to lead them to reflect more deeply on the meaning of dialogue and peace as promoted by Silsilah.

The assembly “aimed to strengthen friendship, camaraderie and understanding between Muslims, Christians and youths of other living faiths in Mindanao through discussion of relevant issues in a spirit of dialogue.”

The youth leaders expressed their appreciation for the gathering as it has given proof to “the reality that Muslims and Christians can live together harmoniously, in simplicity and can appreciate the differences by accepting each other as brother and sisters, as one Family.”

They also learned to appreciate more profoundly the values of discipline, respect, sensitivity, love and strong faith which are essentials in dialogue.

Scout Master Jadzen Nahoor Jaji, who has been camp consultant for six consecutive years for SSYC, was behind the creative implementation of the programs and activities of the five-day summer camp.

The five-day camp was organized by SilPeace, a program for the youth of Silsilah Dialogue Movement. (CBCPNews)


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