Spiritual lectures, experiences spice up youth ministers’ meeting

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LEGAZPI City, Oct. 5, 2012—More than 300 youth ministers attending the National Conference for Youth Ministers (NCYM) in this city deepened their knowledge in ministering to young people through intense lectures and spiritual experiences they participated in on the 2nd day of the conference.

Seven lectures and nine spiritual experiences were simultaneously held at the Aquinas Professional School last Tuesday afternoon where ministers gained a comprehensive understanding on how to minister to the young.

Speakers teach youth ministers new techniques on how to be effective in their ministry to the young.

Topics for the lectures were intimacy with God; redefining beautiful (for female youth ministers; real strong me (for male youth ministers); yearn, learn, discern; the good steward; through the Father’s eyes; and perfect ties.

According to organizers, the lectures aimed to help participants to understand and own one’s response to God’s call of ministering the young, develop awareness on how they should nurture their capacity to respond daily to this invitation, and strengthen themselves as wholistic individuals with regards to their relationship with self and God.

After an hour of simultaneous lectures, spiritual encounters were also attended by the participants’ that seeks to help them to reflect and deepen their experience in the lectures, bringing everyone to a more intimate encounter with the God who loved His children and are called to serve Him.

The nine spiritual experience (SE) focused on drawing life from the sources; praying with the hands (arts expression); meeting Jesus at my core (Christian meditation); sacrament of reconciliation; dialogue from the heart (counselling); returning to God’s love (Ignatian prayer); dwelling on God’s Word together; encountering the powerful healer (healing prayer); and an hour with Mary (pondering life’s mysteries through the rosary).

SE’s were done through the means of creative prayers so participants can reflect and deepen their acquired knowledge on the lectures and enable them to impart to their fellow youth what they have learned.

New skills for youth ministry

About 17 workshops filled the 3rd day of the conference, helping the youth ministers hone some of their skills and acquire new ones that they can use in their ministry in the dioceses and organizations.

For Anne Jayme from the Singles for Christ ministry, she gained many things on the workshops given.

“I gained a lot from people who have been doing well in their own organizations. Hearing [about] their best practices and also [reflecting on] what I have learned from them, how can his help me and my community?” she asked.

Organizers introduced to participants new ways and techniques to a creative way of ministering the young, such as games, gadgets, etc.

The simultaneous workshops held at Aquinas Professional School focused on foundational workshops prepared for newcomers in the youth ministry, evangelization, catechesis, fellowship, social action, leadership and worship. (Jandel Posion)




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