Social Action assembly urges fast tracking of agri reform program

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BACOLOD City, Nov. 29, 2011—The Visayas Social Action General Assembly has proposed that agrarian reform be institutionalized in partnership with the Department of Agrarian Reform and for the program to fast track the improvement of land tenure, as well as for DAR to issue Notice of Compliance to landowners and accomplish Land Acquisition and Distribution annual targets.

The proposal is just a part of the resolution that was crafted during the three-day consultation from November 15-17, 2011 in Bacolod City.

The resolution, which was the result of the three-day consultation from November 15-17 in Bacolod City, will serve as the working paper for the Social Action Centers of the archdioceses and dioceses in the region.

The Visayas Network Social Action Centers is also urged to explore the possibility of continuing the services offered by SAC through Bigasan Sa Parokya even without the direct support of the National Food Authority.

On the mining issue, the Network is encouraged to intensify Information and Education Campaign activities against mining by lobbying for the immediate passage of Alternative Minerals Management Bill and that this lobby should reflect the position of the Bishops of Negros in the AMMB.

It was also proposed that the NASSA should set up legal desks to handle possible cases on environment and human rights and to create a monitoring team to oversee the implementation of the VISAGA resolution. This team should be composed of Visayas Executive Committee members.

The Visayas Social Action Network should also draft guidelines on the engagement of Visayas Diocesan Social Action Centers with government agencies through the ExeCom.

Other proposals for VISAGA also include the holding assemblies as a regional initiative, establishing a sustainable livelihood program in every diocese that will have impact in poverty reduction in the region, linking with People’s Organizations and Civil Society Organizations in the recovery of coco levy and insure the institutional sustainability of Diocesan Social Action Centers.

The assembly also decided to hold the next VISAGA in Cebu. (Modesto Sa-onoy)


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