Salesian youth stage ‘bulilit’ way of the cross

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MAKATI City, March 29, 2013—Teenage elementary and high school students in Barangay Pio del Pilar staged a moving reenactment of Jesus’ Way of the Cross, enticing young and adults alike to reminisce and to reflect on the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. 

The “Bulilit” Way of the Cross turned into a late-morning procession where the young actors and the spectators walk from one station to another, starting from the San Ildefonso Parish. 

Most of the spectators are young children and teenagers accompanied by their parents and guardians, who walked under the summer sun around the barangay’s streets. 

According to San Ildefonso Parish Priest Fr. Remo Bati, the reenactment of Jesus’ Way of the Cross by young children and teenagers in their parish has been a decades-old tradition during Holy Week.

“I’ve only been parish priest here for eight years and it has been their tradition long before I came and this is where I only experience this kind of ‘Way of the Cross’ portrayed by children,” he said. 

Bati said the “Bulilit” Way of the Cross has so far been effective and appealing to the audience, even drawing visitors to observe. 

“The audience are more moved by the reenactment because its children who are portraying the roles of Jesus, Mary and the rest. For me, this is more appealing than if adult actors are playing the roles,” he added. 

During the prayers for the Way of the Cross, prayers for each station have been tailor-fit to the young. Asking forgiveness for talking back to their parents, promising to do their part in the house chores, and helping one another at school are among those that the audience prayed for throughout the procession. (YouthPinoy)

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