Rising HIV/AIDS cases maybe used to justify RH Law – priest

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MANILA, July 5, 2013—An official of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines’ Commission on Health Care expressed concern over the continuous reports of rising HIV-AIDS cases that maybe used as an attempt to justify RH law.

HIV/AIDS ministry program head Fr. Dan Cansino said data from the Department of Health National Epidemiology Center reported the rise of HIV to about 12,721 cases mostly from age 15 to 25 last May.

He said the government might use the reported increase of HIV cases to push for the implementation of RH law, while its constitutionality is being challenged at the Supreme Court.

Cansino advised the government to revise and study its current program to curb the rising cases of HIV/AIDS in the country.

He reiterated that the government should work together with the Church in expanding ‘values education’ especially on the youth and members of the so called third sex, instead of relying solely on ‘Risk Reduction’ and in particular the distribution of condoms.

“We need to review and re-align again our program, especially on the government program which does not consider values, we have this, what we call behavior change however the change stops only on risk reduction. Is it right to distribute condoms that encourages than teach values? This only means the Church is right that condom is not the solution to prevent HIV/AIDS, said Cansino, in an interview over Church- run Radio Veritas.

He added that, “the message should be towards the straight path that would reach the youth regarding HIV/AIDS. If cases continue to rise we are giving the wrong message.” (Paul De Guzman)

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