Probe the PNP too, says interfaith group

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MANILA, Feb. 12, 2011—As accusations of massive misuse of funds hound some military officials, an ecumenical group called on the government to conduct similar probe into the Philippine National Police (PNP).

In a statement, the Ecumenical Bishops Forum (EBF) said the investigation is necessary to unearth allegations of corruption in the police hierarchy “whose reputation has gone down.”

“We also pray that something similar to this (investigation in the military) will come out from the ranks of the PNP,” the EBF said.

Aside from corruption, the group said the reported involvement of police officers in human rights violations and the commission of heinous crimes should also be investigated.

The interfaith group has also thrown its support to former state auditor Heidi Mendoza and former military budget officer Lt. Col. George Rabusa exposing alleged irregularities in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

“Their courage to tell the truth in spite of threat to their lives and possible harm to the members of their respective families is certainly commendable,” according to the statement.

“They are both driven by the desire to put a stop to the malpractices in the military which adversely affect the military institution, especially the foot soldiers who are in the front lines in the battle fields, as well as the public funds which are supposed to be judiciously put to proper use,” it said.

The EBF is also hoping that ongoing congressional investigation into alleged military fund mess will not only end in the revision of laws “but to the prosecution of the perpetrators of these anomalies and the restitution of public funds.”

“The expose of Col. Rabusa and Miss Mendoza can lead to right the wrongs and injustices being done by our so-called ‘public servants’ so that our nation and our people may be freed from systematic and systemic injustice and truly tread the path of righteousness,” it said.

The statement was signed by Protestant Bishop Elmer Bocolon, EBF executive secretary, and Catholic Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez, and Methodist Bishop Solito Toquero, both co-chairpersons of the group. (CBCPNews)

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