Pro-life doctor reminds parents to teach their children by example

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JARO, Iloilo, Oct. 28, 2013—A lay person involved in pro-life ministry urged parents to teach their children the tenets of the Christian faith by example. 

Dr. Dolores Octaviano, a member of Human Life International and Doctors for Life, has called on parents to be teachers of humility and right conduct to their children. 

Octaviano, who anchors a Sunday program for the Jaro Archdiocesan Commission on Family and Life, said the greatest example of humility that parents can show their children is when they themselves kneel down before the priest in the sacrament of Confession. 

Reflecting on the Gospel’s parable of the Pharisee and the Publican, Octaviano emphasized however, that confession is possible only when a person acknowledges concrete acts as sins.

She explained that we cannot confess our sins if we do not accept the teachings of our Faith, as taught in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, such as adultery, the use of contraceptives, etc., as sinful acts. 

The pro-life doctor reminded parents to educate their children by also correcting them. She emphasized that it is important for parents to teach well their children by not giving them the idea that sinful lifestyles are acceptable. 

A concrete example, she said, is that parents should not tolerate their own daughter or son to cohabitate or “live-in” with another person right inside their own homes. 

Octaviano is an active member of the Jaro Archdiocesan Commission on Family and Life. She and her husband host a radio program on family and life concerns every Sunday at noontime. (Fr. Mickey Cardenas)

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