Priest starts drive vs gambling in wake

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MANILA, Feb. 17, 2011— In a bid to stop the proliferation of gambling in his parish, a Catholic priest has vowed to deny giving burial rights to Catholics if there is gambling during the wake.

Fr. Valentine Dimoc of the St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Lagawe, Ifugao made such order in a pastoral policy he issued recently.

Dimoc said the parish would uphold the policy of not holding funeral Mass to persons whose bereaved families opted to allow gambling during the wake.

“The policy is pastoral in nature, in response to a social and moral issue in a particular place; the Local Government Unit’s ordinance against gambling is what should be implemented for the common good but sometimes the power is not used by political leaders and law enforcers,” Dimoc said.

The priest underscored that the new parish policy is supported by the Pastoral Council of Lagawe Mission Station (PCLMS) and the Ifugao clergy during their meeting last year.

Prior to its implementation, he clarified that the pastoral policy was also discussed and approved in a district meeting of Ifugao clergy.

Last December, Dimoc said he also mentioned the rule many times in his sermons especially during the Dawn Masses and during the New Year’s Mass.

Gambling—such as playing card games—is one of the typical activities practices in the Philippines especially in the provinces during wakes to pass the time and keep people awake.

The bereaved families also opt that it be allowed because gaming contributions help them assuage the expenses they incurred for burying the dead. (CBCPNews)

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