Priest calls for stronger Mindanao peace talks

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MANILA, August 17, 2012—A Catholic priest called for a stronger peace talks between government and rebel groups in Mindanao following a series of violence early this month.

Fr. Conegundo Garganta, the executive secretary of Episcopal Commission on Youth believed that if both the government and rebel groups in Mindanao will be passionate in their pursuit of true peace and stability in the area, senseless violence will be prevented.

Garganta said all citizens are expected to recognize the government and submit to the Constitution and its objectives.

That’s why, chaos happens when some elements go against the law of the land, he said.

The priest said the Church continues to pray that we may achieve real and long lasting peace while the government makes proposals for achieving peace.

Meanwhile, late last week, the National Youth Commission (NYC) through the commissioner representing Mindanao reiterate that violent disturbances affects many communities in the area and promoting the island as a venue where peace and order complements development and progress cannot be achieved because of the series of attacks.

“The act itself committed by the BIFM deprives each Mindanaoan with the right to live in a tranquil environment, each child with the privilege to go to school, each citizen to unite and participate in constituency building,” Commissioner Earl Saavedra of NYC said.

“War and terror does not help. By no way will it help attain peace settlements. We also condemn these groups spearheading the atrocities in the island who take advantage of the young people who were trained and asked to carry guns and attack communities,” Saavedra added.

He also pointed out that the strength and vibrancy of young people must be utilized in ways where they can help establish communities and participate in social transformation efforts and not for combats so that their lives will not be wasted for senseless reasons. (Jandel Posion)


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