Prelate backs review of oil deregulation law

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MANILA, Sept. 19, 2011— A Catholic bishop has lauded the government’s move to review the Oil Deregulation Law so that provisions that are disadvantageous to consumers can be corrected.

Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez said safety nets should be put in place to protect ordinary people from the effects of oil price hikes or repeal it if it just adds burden on the people.

“The government needs to play a major role in these instances of frequent oil price increases,” said Iñiguez, chairman of the Committee on Public Affairs of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.

“I think, the review of the Oil Deregulation Law is just right at this time,” he said Monday as operators and drivers staged a transport strike.

Last week, President Aquino ordered a review of the law to allow the entry of more industry players and enhance the competition, which could lead to lower prices of fuel.

The prelate also called on the government to enhance efforts of tapping other fuel sources and renewable energy.

“We need to look into all possible sources of fuel and energy given the high prices of oil and our government must lead the way,” he said.

Bishop Iñiguez said the Aquino administration must finance the research efforts for alternative fuel sources available. [CBCPNews]


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