PPCRV initiates steps against vote buying

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MANILA, Jan. 31, 2013— The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) has initiated a measure to discourage vote buying in the upcoming May 2013 local and national elections.

The poll watchdog has teamed up with the Advertising Board of the Philippines (Adboard) recently to create a nationwide campaign against vote buying.

PPCRV communications head Ana De Villa-Singson said that they will soon release to the public audiovisual materials “that will make one stop, think, and reflect before selling his vote and his future.”

In the last 2010 elections, she noted, that there was an “explosion of vote buying” with a paradigm shift from piecemeal buying of votes to wholesale buying of votes of entire families and even barangays.

Also in the works, the PPCRV official added, are materials that can help people in voting wisely.

“We’re choosy about almost everything else so why not about the candidates we vote into office?” Singson added. (CBCPNews)


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