Pope urges Filipino student priests to grow in faith

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ROME, Feb. 24, 2011—Pope Benedict XVI encouraged the community of student priests at Collegio Filippino to grow in spiritual and theological maturity as they prepare for their future ministries.

“Let me encourage you, the present generation of students at the College, to grow in faith, to strive for excellence in your studies, and to grasp every opportunity afforded you to attain spiritual and theological maturity, so that you will be equipped, trained, and stout-hearted for whatever awaits you in the future,” the Holy Father said.

Pope Benedict visited the community on February 19 as one of the highlights of PCF`s celebration of its golden jubilee.

He told the student priests to strike a balance between studies and pastoral charity by attending to fellow Filipinos in various communities in Rome especially in their spiritual needs.

The pope is very much aware of the great number of Filipinos working in Rome and the equally increasing need for their spiritual growth.

Grateful for the message of the Holy Father, the student priests resolved to be diligent in studies, grow in holiness and become generous in bearing witness to their priestly calling.

There are currently 27 student-priests residing in PCF, three administrators, four nuns and five lay personnel. (Garret Alfonso Ulanimo)

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