Pope lauds CBCP effort against RH bill

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MANILA, Dec. 1, 2010—Pope Benedict XVI praised efforts of the Filipino bishops in blocking any attempts to promote contraception in the Philippines.

The pontiff said the Philippine Catholic leadership has reaffirmed its commitment to confronting any attack on the sanctity of life.

“I commend the Church in the Philippines for seeking to play its part in support of human life from conception until natural death, and in defense of the integrity of marriage and the family,” said Benedict XVI.

“In these areas you are promoting truths about the human person and about society which arise not only from divine revelation but also from the natural law, an order which is accessible to human reason and thus provides a basis for dialogue and deeper discernment on the part of all people of good will.”

Benedict XVI made the statement upon receiving in audience a group of Filipino prelates at the end of their five-yearly “ad limina” visit in Rome on November 29.

Church leaders are currently under a head on collision with proponents and supporters of the controversial Reproductive Health bill that promotes contraceptives.

The bishops noted that the church is not against population control if the sanctity of human life is protected. The CBCP endorsed natural family planning as one such birth control method.

They further recommended that government funding on contraceptives be directed towards anti-poverty, anti-hunger, and educational projects. (CBCPNews)

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