Pope in Leyte: ‘Christ will never let you down’

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TACLOBAN, Jan. 17, 2015—Pope Francis on Saturday assured victims of super typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) that they are not alone in their sufferings for Jesus Christ—who has walked before them and experienced all forms of calamities—will never leave them alone in their agony.

Pope Francis arrives in the Tacloban Airport to celebrate a Mass with the faithful, Jan. 17, 2015. (Photo: Analyn Perucho)

“I come to tell you that Jesus is Lord, and he never lets us down.. You might say to me, ‘I was let down because I lost so many things—my house, my livelihood.’ it is true if you will say that, and I respect those sentiments. But Jesus there was nailed to the cross and from there, He does not let us down,” the Argentine Pontiff told Taclobanons, as translated on his behalf by official priest-interpreter, Msrg. Mark Gerald Miles during a Mass he celebrated at the Tacloban Airport earlier today.

“He was consecrated as Lord, on that throne, and there he experienced all calamities that we have experienced. Jesus is Lord and the Lord from the cross, He’s there for you,” he added.

Super typhoon Yolanda battered Central Philippines in 2013, leaving approximately 6,300 people dead; 2,000 others still missing; and nearly four million people homeless. Yolanda was said to be the “most powerful” storm that hit the country in 2013.

“Jesus is like us. Jesus lived like us. He is same us as in every respect except sin… He is always before us, and when we pass and experience a cross, he passed there before us,” the Holy Father said.

“If today we found ourselves 14 months precisely after typhoon Yolanda hits, it is because we have the security of knowing that we are not going to weaken our faith because Jesus has been there before us,” he added.

Pope Francis also ate with a group of selected survivors of both super typhoon Yolanda and the October 2013 earthquake that shook the Visayas.(Jennifer M. Orillaza/CBCP News)


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