Poll group reminds voters to not vote for those who spend people’s money

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MANILA, Oct. 28, 2013—As voters flocked to 170,000 polling places around the country to elect 42,028 barangay chiefs, Catholic Vote Philippines spokesperson Dr. Ricardo Boncan reminded Catholic voters to choose moral and ethical credentials of barangay officials which Boncan described as key to change. 

“Don’t vote for those who spend our hard-earned money on election giveaways and those who practice EPAL posting of faces on public property,” said Boncan. 

Boncan however reminded people to ‘pray first’ for guidance on choosing candidates who have shown consistent moral and ethical service to the people. 

“In other words, those who did not enrich themselves,” Boncan added. 

Even as election period began, campaign paraphernalia littered polling places in violation of Section 18 of the Comelec Resolution No. 9615, that no poster may be mounted on trees, public structures, public roads, plazas, and parks.

Catholic Vote Philippines was formed December last year in response to the growing need to guide Catholics on the ‘moral’ and ‘ethical’ credentials of candidates running for public office. CVP was established in a bid to counter the government’s resolve to pass “anti-family” laws in Congress such as the now controversial reproductive health (RH) law. (Raymond Bandril)

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