Old churches prepare for big quake

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MANILA, March 14, 2011— The Manila archdiocese has stepped up efforts to evaluate the structural soundness of its old churches in the wake of the largest earthquake in Japan’s history.

Leading the list are the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros and the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo.

Quiapo Church rector Msgr. Jose Clemente Ignacio said efforts are underway to ensure the safety of churchgoers by assessing the quake-resistance of said churches.

In fact, he said, the parish has its own civil engineer that regularly monitors the church’s structural condition for better maintenance.

“We are also getting in touch [with] another expert in architecture because we always want to make sure [everything is safe],” Ignacio said.

The priest said he wants to give particular concern to the front part of the church which was constructed in the 18th century.

He added that other parts of the church including the altar area have been built in late 1933.

Ignacio said they are coordinating with the National Historical Commission which is tasked to undertake restoration and conservation of structures of historical value.

“So far the structure of Quiapo Church is okay (as a result of a recent) physical check up,” he said.

“But if you want a more extensive way of checking of the church’s structure, we will need sophisticated machines to do that,” added Ignacio. [CBCPNews]


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