Negros-based group issues manifesto vs RH Bill

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BACOLOD City, Jan. 21, 2013—More life advocates have demonstrated yet another show of force against Republic Act (RA) 10354 as members of Negros-based group issued a strongly worded manifesto rejecting the law, with thousands gathering for a Eucharistic celebration Sunday.

Calling the RH law a “grand deception,” the manifesto issued by the Citizens’ Action for the Protection of Human Life (CAPH-Life) pointed out that the law provides no penalties for those “who dispense, sell, distribute or use abortifacients” and yet punishes those who refuse to give information on artificial contraception and compels the conscientious objector to refer patients to another health care service provider who dispenses such services – otherwise, it is a fine or imprisonment or both for the conscientious objector.

“It is nothing but an insincere, dishonest, and political lip service to the sanctity of human life… In other words, in terms of pretending to protect human life, the RH Law is a big joke,” stated the manifesto, which was signed by CAPH-Life chairman Atty. Lyndon Caña, and Bacolod Bishop and CAPH-Life honorary chairman Vicente Navarra.

RA 10354 has opened a floodgate for the “unleashing of the vast resources of the state to develop a birth control mentality in the land,” the manifesto continued, adding that the law “masquerades as a ‘health’ measure, when, in truth, it is a device to control population growth so that this world will only be a habitat for the rich and not for the poor.”

The manifesto also pointed out that rather than pouring billions into education and job generation “which are the sure antidotes to poverty, the law surrendered to the lobby money of foreign drug companies which are now assured of a steady income by the purchase of the Philippine government of pills and other artificial methods and devises of birth control.”

The group’s members consider it “our moral duty to oppose or undo this law by lawful or Constitutional and peaceful means under the Biblical maxim ‘we must obey God rather than men.’”

The group also said that they are aware of several more legislative bills in the pipeline “which are of the same spirit and orientation” such as the divorce bill, legalizing same-sex union, legalization of prostitution, euthanasia and others which CAPH-Life was prepared to oppose.

After holding a press conference at the Bishop’s House Sunday, CAPH-Life members and other supporters of the move walked to the San Sebastian Cathedral for a Eucharistic celebration. (CBCP for Life)


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