MANILA, August 25, 2013—Joining the nationwide clamor to abolish the controversial pork barrel fund (formally known as the Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF), the social action arm of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) urged Filipinos to join the Million People March to Luneta on Monday. 

The National Secretariat for Social Action, Justice, and Peace (CBCP-NASSA) called on concerned citizens to be one with the country in protesting against the appalling misuse of public funds by joining the citizen-led initiative.

“We would like to invite you to join or encourage others to join the citizen movement to abolish PDAF. Let us go out of our comfort zone to know more about the issue and to show our sentiments about the PDAF,” the church agency said in a statement. 

“For those in Manila, we hope you will join the Million People’s March to Luneta by either organizing your own contingent, parish, ministers, youth groups, (or by simply going on your own),” it added. 

According to the CBCP-NASSA, those intending to join the march may join their group who will be leaving the NASSA office in Intramuros at 8:15 am to march toward Luneta. 

The church arm also encouraged Filipinos in other areas to participate in the scheduled Million People March within their respective localities. 

“For those in Naga, Baguio and Cebu, we hope you already found out details about your simultaneous activities. For others, please join us in one spirit and objective for Light and Justice, to abolish the Pork Barrel,” it added. 

The same gathering is simultaneously scheduled in Davao, Naga, Cebu, Iloilo, Dagupan, Baguio, Legazpi, and Lucena, among others. 

The Million People March is a social media initiative that aims to show the abhorrence of the Filipino people over the multi-billion scandal springing from the channeling of pork barrel to dubious non-governmental organizations. (Jennifer M. Orillaza)