MANILA, July 2, 2013—Barely a week before the Supreme Court tackles the much-awaited oral arguments on the controversial Republic Act (RA) 10354 or RH law, some Muslim groups filed yet another petition seeking to nullify the law for its unlawful provisions.

Muslims have joined in the bid to challenge the law which Muslims believe is against the Quran citing particularly Surat Al-’Isr?’ 17:31 which states “And do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them and for you. Indeed, their killing is ever a great sin (Sahih International).

Al Tillah, president of Parhimpunan Sin Islam or Islamic Society and Joe Kashim, management and political economist, filed their petition at the Supreme Court over the weekend through their counsel Atty. Luigi Gana.

Now known as General Record (GR) 207563, the petition seeks to nullify RA 10354 as unlawful under ARMM autonomy.

Atty. James Imbong, who was first to file a petition against RH law found the new petition a welcome development.

“It is a welcome development to the existing petitioners because it sends a message to the government (the respondents) that civic participation is alive and accountability for lawful disbursement of public money is a serious policy issue,” said Imbong in the vernacular.

Imbong also showed interest over the compelling issues the petition raises.

“The petition based on the autonomy of ARMM is interesting, it’s a mix of religious and political issues,” said Imbong.

Last month Zahria Mapandi, of Al Mujadillah Development Foundation, Inc. filed a motion to intervene seeking to allow them to participate in the proceedings of the case because they will be affected, including their family if the RH Law will be declared as “unconstitutional”. (Angelique Guevarra)