Militant priest links Arroyo to Garcia plea bargain deal

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MANILA, Jan. 6, 2010—A militant Catholic priest believe that former President Arroyo may have knowledge on the plea bargain with former military comptroller Carlos Garcia who has a P300-million plunder case.

Fr. Joe Dizon, Solidarity Philippines convenor, alleged that the deal involves Arroyo, Garcia and the Office of the Ombudsman.

“There is a clear link between them. The deal happened allegedly during GMA’s term… There is a saying that birds of the same feather flock together,” said Dizon.

He noted that just like Garcia, Arroyo, who is now Pampanga representative has been repeatedly accused of massive corruption during her nine-year term.

The priest also said that Gutierrez is also a known close ally of the former chief executive.

The agreement, Dizon added, is a “condemnable” act since it promotes further the commission of corruption in government.

“It is really an immoral and objectionable act. It sends a wrong message to the public about corruption,” said Dizon.

Reports came out Thursday that the highly-objected plea bargaining agreement had already been approved by the Sandigan Bayan Second Division as early as May 4, 2010 at a time when the whole country was already gearing up for the presidential elections.

The discovery contradicts previous statements by the Ombudsman and the Office of the Special Prosecutor that any bargaining deal was still awaiting court approval.

The deal indicates Garcia’s specific properties to be turned over to the government including several real estate properties in the US, bank accounts, vehicles and shares of stock approximately amounting to P135.5 million. (CBCPNews)

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