La Union youth join NYD despite mourning

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QUEZON City, Nov. 16, 2011?Though saddened by the death of Bishop Artemio Rillera, SVD, delegates from the diocese of San Fernando, La Union still arrived, albeit two days late, at the Claret School festival site to join the National Youth Day celebration.

Seventeen out of the 21 pilgrims from La Union who registered for the NYD arrived at the site shortly before the start of the talk of San Fernando Auxiliary Bishop Pablo Virgilio S. David.

Asked about their late arrival, Jesus Quero, a pilgrim of La Union said they could not forego the learnings they would gain from the NYD since it is “once in a lifetime experience only.”

He believes that Bishop Rillera would understand because he loves the youth.

“Actually, our youth director in the diocese doubted if he would allow us still to join NYD but as I said he [the bishop] will understand us,” Quero added.

Querro also stressed that the remaining four pilgrims who did not attend the NYD are helping at the vigil slated for Bishop Rillera.

Another delegate, Jonathan Obra, said that the death of their bishop truly saddened them.

“He is a big loss for us because he loved the youth so much and he died on the day of the celebration of the National Youth Day,” Obra said.

Obra also shared that they are experiencing mix emotions at the NYD, trying to celebrate while lamenting for their bishop.

“What we thought in proceeding for the NYD is that we still need to represent our bishop. And we know that he is happy about that because all the things that we learn will be shared to our fellow youth for the improvement of our youth ministry in La Union,” Obra added. (Mark Vertido/YPNews)


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