Kris Aquino for vice president in 2016?

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MANILA, April 2, 2013— Actress and presidential sister Kris Aquino may enter the political arena soon, a retired archbishop said. 

Archbishop Oscar Cruz said that Aquino is being groomed by a powerful group within the Liberal Party to run as vice president in 2016. 

The prelate said he got the information from “credible” sources connected with the administration of President Benigno Aquino III, which he refused to identify. 

“Formerly it was only in whispers now it has become more commonly said and heard that the youngest sister of the president of the republic will also run as vice-president of the republic come 2016,” Cruz said. 

The archbishop then called on Aquino or any of her colleagues to clarify the matter that she is being tapped as running mate of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas in the 2016 elections. 

“Those concerned better address this matter. If it’s not true then they should say it so that it will stop once and for all but if there is silence, that means there is consent,” Cruz said. 

However, the former president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines clarified that he has nothing against the presidential sister running as vice president. 

“I’m not saying she’s not capable. If she’s going to run, let her run because it takes so little requirement to be a public official in this country. You are a Filipino citizen, you know how to read and write,” he said. 

And if Aquino decides to run for public office, Cruz hinted that the presidential sister has a chance of beating her opponents. 

“She’s an actress and the Filipino electorate in general likes actors and actresses. Like Lito Lapid,” he added, referring to actor and Senator Lito Lapid. 

According to him, rumors about Aquino’s supposed candidacy in 2016 spread as early as January, and therefore requiring a categorical answer from her. 

“The thing is I say this as of today because tomorrow they might say no more. So I’m not saying that she will do it in 2016, I’m just saying that up to now, this is what is being said,” Cruz said. (Roy Lagarde) 

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