‘Kids can look like Jesus through the Eucharist’

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LINGAYEN, June 2, 2013—What happens when you receive the Body and Blood of Jesus? On the Feast of the Corpus Christi, kids learn that they will look like Jesus when they take holy Communion.

“’Pag tinatanggap niyo si Jesus kayo ay nagiging kamukha ni Jesus. ’Yun ang mangyayari sa ating lahat (When you receive Jesus, you will look like Jesus. That is what will happen to all of us),” Couples for Christ (CFC) spiritual director Msgr. Allen Aganon said during the last mass of the Luzon Kids’ Village (LKV) this morning. 

According to Msgr. Aganon, two things happen when believers receive the Holy Eucharist. First, people’s hearts and attitudes become Jesus’ heart and attitudes.

“It is easy for us to love, help others, give to the needy. We can do an act of kindness when Jesus is now with us,” Msgr. Aganon explained.

He explained how Jesus was able to forgive people and was one with every person – without discrimination.

The second effect of receiving Christ’s Body and Blood is spiritual strength.

Ang unang nangyayari, tayo ay nagiging malakas.. Para maging malakas, kailangan kumain, (The first thing that happens is we become strong. To be strong, we need to eat,” he added.

Msgr. Aganon likened it to how basketball players need to eat a lot and drink milk to be fit to compete and play. This is why, he explained, every Kid for Christ should make Jesus in holy Communion their food.

How to exercise ‘spiritual muscle’ 

He reminded the 2,500 kids and parents because — just like athletes — they are strong because of Jesus, they need to exercise to stay that way.

This spiritual exercise can be done even by kids through prayer and doing good to others.

“‘Yan ang napapalakas ng muscle ng ating kaluluwa, (That is what strengthens the muscle of the soul)” Msgr. Aganon said in closing.

The LKV is one of three island conferences organized yearly by CFC – Kids for Christ, the children’s ministry of CFC.

The LKV 2013 was held from May 31 until June 2 at the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center, Lingayen, Pangasinan. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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