‘It’s hard to hurt someone who’s always on your mind’—Cardinal Tagle

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Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle

PASAY City, Feb. 18, 2013—Keeping God close to one’s heart is a sure way to avoid sin, since “it is hard to hurt someone who is always in your heart and mind,” Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle said during a mass at the CFC – Singles for Christ international conference last Saturday, when he talked about the key to avoiding sin.

The Archbishop of Manila said we should fill our minds and hearts with “memories of God” and all that He has done for us.

“Even if we do an informal survey, I’m sure the majority will say, I want to avoid sin,” Tagle said, but he explained how easy it is to sin and hurt God because He is far from people’s thoughts.

Tagle illustrated how Jesus’ temptation in the desert is the story of every person, happening every day, and how He shows the ordinary Catholic how to face temptation.

Jesus remained “firm and committed” to God because He was also full of the Holy Spirit.

He filled Himself with thoughts and desires for God the Father — something which any believer can also do.

Rationalizing sins

Instead of spending four hours watching telenovelas, for example, spend time to be quiet with God, Cardinal Chito, as he is fondly called, said.

He said this is necessary because the evil one will always find a way to rationalize sins and present more attractive plans.

“The devil knows how to present a justifiable and even reasonable plan,” Tagle explained.

If our minds and hearts are always with God, then we will not be easily swayed by the devil’s false promises, he added.

Being close to God makes us choose the harder path, the path of the Cross.”God chooses the way of humility, of being alone, of thirst, of being abandoned by friends, of crucifixion,” Tagle said, explaining that the evil one will always tempt us with shortcuts and “easy ways out”.

Some 8,200 SFCs from the Philippines and countries like UAE, Brunei, Indonesia, Canada, and Australia, among others attended the conference, which was held at the World Trade Center. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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