Manila Auxiliary Bishop Bernardino Cortez presides a Mass for children in this file photo.

MANILA, August 19, 2013—Children are very much like blank slates—they are easy to write on because of their openness to accept and willingness to learn. 

This was the message relayed by Manila Auxiliary Bishop Bernardino Cortez as he urged the Catholic laity to imitate the innocence and purity of children in giving service to others. 

“The values of simplicity and innocence possessed by children are very beautiful. Their ability to forget the past and ability to do something without expecting anything in return, these are all pure goodness that manifests true love,” Cortez said in his homily during the Katolikong Pinoy recollection held at the San Carlos Seminary. 

He also noted the openness of children to learn new things, noting that the attitude and disposition to receive are sought by God within His followers. 

“Children are very open individuals. They are willing to accept and are not confounded by a lot of distractions,” he said. 

“Christ wants us to become like a child—not physically to become children again, but to be childlike in trusting the Father wholeheartedly,” he said. 

“Do we have this childlike attitude or disposition?” Cortez said, urging the laity to adapt a childlike perception in strengthening their relationship with the Divine. 

Shun indifference 

The prelate also urged the laity to shun indifference and act in accordance to what must be done to fight the negative influences affecting the country as the work of Christ is easily manifested through His people. 

“We can do something and we have to do something. We are called to holiness and service. When we serve, the image of God becomes clearer in ourselves. The goodness of Christ comes out through our actions,” he said. 

“Once we let love take over our actions, it will be translated to goodness not only to us, but also to others,” Cortez said. (Jennifer Orillaza)