Group urges recycling Christmas decors for Christmas

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MANILA, Nov. 27, 2011—With just 28 days more to go before Christmas, an anti-pollution watchdog is urging the public to use recycled materials as decorations for Christmas.

EcoWaste Coalition, a waste and pollution watchdog noted that beautiful decorations can be crafted out of recycled materials.

Aside from saving a lot of money from using recycled materials for decorations, it is also an effective way of addressing the garbage problem that piles up during the holiday season, the group said.

Recycling advocate Ofelia Panganiban of the EcoWaste Coalition emphasized this point as she lauded Makati City’s “3B sa Pasko” recycling project.

“3B sa Pasko,” which stands for “Basura’y Bawasan, Balik-Gamitin at Baguhin ang Anyo sa Pasko,” seeks to reduce the waste volume during the holidays, as well as promote recycling awareness among city residents.

The recycling project turns discards into beautiful Christmas ornaments like Christmas trees from a frame of an old umbrella, cardboard boxes, tin cans and plastic bottles.

Lanterns can also be fashioned out of bottle caps, drinking straws and tetra packs.

Making decorations from discards is an eco-friendly way of expressing the Christmas spirit without creating trash, Panganiban said.

She added that the endeavor is not only good for the environment, but also in strengthening family relationship as family members bond together while doing the activity.

It is also a good source of income for enterprising group and individuals, she added.

Panganiban noted that Makati’s “3B sa Pasko” participants earned P139,527 in total sales in 2010, an eight percent increase from the sales of 2009.

“We hope our community recyclers will earn more this year and prove once again ‘may pera sa basura’ (there’s money in trash),” she stated.


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