QUEZON City, Nov. 17, 2011?San Fernando Pampanga Auxiliary Bishop Pablo Virgilio David told delegates of the National Youth Day that there is only one source of genuine joy that will surely never fade.

“People and possessions may come and go, but God will stay with you until the end,” David said.

He was responding to the question raised by one of the delegates from Tarlac who asked his advice for having too much aspirations and possessions in life.

The bishop comforted the youth, saying that it is not a sin to reap what he has sown, for having much belongings, but still he has to set his priorities right.

“The secret to authentic happiness is, ‘wag kang kakapit sa anuman o sinuman dito sa mundo na parang iyon na ang lahat sa’yo,” David added.

In yesterday’s plenary session, David focused on the aspect of taking the fall and die to be able to rise.

He explained that the Pauline passage “Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith” (cf. Col 2:7) has an upward and downward movement.

“Dying to our earthly nature means putting to death all that enslaves us and losing ourselves to pave the way for us to put on the new nature inspired by Christ; falling is usually connoted with sin,” David said.

But this fall just like that of Adam and Eve, becomes an opportunity to be humble and become more human, David added.

Responding to a question on how to remain firm in faith, David said, “If you want to be firm in your faith be ready for the downward movement to fall and die to be able to rise and bear much fruit.” (Jandel Posion/Michelle Padilla)