Give oneself to others this Christmas, youth told

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MANILA, Dec. 2, 2011—Anticipating the birth of Christ and celebrating Christmas should not only signal the season of receiving gifts, but also of giving oneself as gift to others.

This is what Legazpi Bishop Joel Baylon urged the youth as he warned them from focusing entirely on parties, sales, gift-giving, travels and bonuses that abound this Christmas season.

Baylon, who chairs the Episcopal Commission on Youth, told young Catholics to deeply reflect on the meaning of Christmas, beyond the material extravagance attributed to the yearend holidays.

“Christmas is remembering the birth of Christ, who is God’s greatest gift to mankind. While we receive God’s gift in our lives, let us also receive His invitation to give ourselves as gift to others,” he said in an advent message to the youth.

The prelate urge the youth to consider the Advent season as the best way to be charitable—in giving service to the Church and to the community.

Baylon said it is also the season of God’s invitation for Catholics to “give ourselves to Him, to get to know Jesus: to befriend Him, and to take Him as a company in our journey in finding the meaning and happiness in life.”

“May your Christmas be merry not only because of the gifts you receive but also because you have also given yourself as a gift to God and to others,” he added. (YouthPinoy)


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