MANILA, Oct. 21, 2013— To get rid the country of corruption, abolishing the ‘pork barrel’ system is not enough but rather remove the ‘pigs’ from the government, a Catholic archbishop said. 

“So what if the pork is gone but the pigs remain?” asked retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz of Lingayen-Dagupan. 

He said that to rescue the country from a litany of ignoble corrupt practices, Filipinos must not only do away with the cause of corruption but of corrupt politicians. 

“To say it in another way, it is not enough merely to do away with the pork. It is necessary to get rid of the pigs. And this means all the pigs from the top to the bottom of the government,” Cruz said. 

“How? Let those who love their country, who cares for their fellowmen, who want a better future for their children, decide. It’s their concern. It’s their option. It’s their move,” he said. 

The church official made the statement on Monday amid calls for a people’s initiative to scrap the legislators’ pork barrel and other lump sum funds of government. 

The plan is to gather the required number of signatories in favor of the move in order to permanently abolish all forms of pork barrel. 

The Supreme Court is also currently deliberating on the constitutionality of the system – its pseudonyms or equivalent. 

“Even Malacañang repeatedly profess that it is against pork barrel – except the enormous and ominous one under the direct disposal of the Commander-in-Chief himself,” Cruz added. (CBCPNews)