Foreign origin of RH bill now confirmed

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Former Senator Francisco "Kit" Tatad speaks before prolife leaders at the Cebu congress.

CEBU City, Nov. 18, 2012—The recently held Manila Family Planning Summit organized by a foreign government with big foreign agencies may have been a last-ditch attempt to push the reproductive health (RH) bill forward, but it ended up unwittingly revealing what the measure’s proponents and supporters have repeatedly denied: that the measure is of foreign origin.

Puppets of foreign consortium

“The cat is now out of the bag, and everything we have been saying about the alien origin and design of this bill – which many may have found too outlandish to believe before… has now been confirmed. The PICC Summit unmasked the Filipino authors, sponsors, and supporters of this bill, who have all been posturing as nationalists and progressives, champions of women’s rights, maternal health and poverty eradication, as nothing but puppets and petty agents of a foreign consortium,” said former senator Francisco Tatad on the first day of the National “Philippines for Life” Congress at the Summit Circle Hotel in Cebu.

“Now is the time to say, ‘now you have been found out,’” he added.

The real deal about family planning summits

The Manila Family Planning Summit, held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Thursday and hosted by the UK government with the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation (BMGF), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and with a number of large European and American pharmaceutical firms, was a sequel to the London Family Planning Summit held in July where the BMGF raised $4.6 billion for putting 120 million poor women in developing countries on birth control.

Those in the know, however, recognize this bid to fund RH services in developing countries as part of the depopulation agenda on poor nations specifically in Africa and Asia.

“If the PICC summit was meant to exert pressure on the congressmen or Malacanang to make a last-minute push for the RH bill, it could only have achieved the opposite result,” Tatad said. “For the summit exposed the real imperialist authorship of the highly unconstitutional, immoral and anti-Catholic population control bill, and not even Pnoy can afford to be publicly labeled as an imperial poodle, a lap dog. He decided not to attend the summit.”

According to Tatad, who has made the rounds of international conferences on development, family and life issues in the past several decades as a lawmaker and Cabinet official, and continues to participate in global efforts to deal with socio-political concerns, Family Planning Summits similar to those conducted in London and Manila had taken place in other parts of the world, with the Gates couple – long known for the eugenicist direction their foundation is taking – at the helm.

However, based on the response from other nations, it looks like other poor peoples have a better grasp of the situation.

“African women’s groups told Melinda Gates they needed food, education, shelter, real health care, not contraceptives and condoms,” Tatad related.

Talk about real issues

He reminded the nearly 400 participants in the pro-life congress organized by Human Life International (HLI) “to think more deeply what we stand for” and of the duty to understand and share with others the truth about the issues, since “our people have certain built-in limitations.”

He cited the need to help others go beyond a superficial tackling of vital issues, such as corruption.

“We say we are all against it, and we don’t mind listening to the drivel – ‘kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap,’ yet most of us have only the most superficial view of ‘corruption.’

Tatad then illustrated the higher forms of corruption that plague the country and slow down genuine progress:

Stealing public office is corruption, he said, so is “exploiting the death, sickness or misfortune of a friend or family member for one’s personal or political gain is corruption. Employing various devices to proclaim one’s non-existent virtues and ravage the reputation of others is corruption.”

“Manipulating the ignorance of the ignorant and the gullibility of the gullible to advance one’s agenda or ambition is corruption,” he continued. “Turning an adversary into a hate object in order to cover up one’s own failings or inability to deliver on one’s duties is corruption.”

Tatad pointed out that few are able – or willing – to see it but corruption in all its varied forms “remains the basic problem of our body politic. It has not been shoved away or even shoved under the rug by ‘daang matuwid’.”

He once again alluded to the revelations that resulted from the foreign-sponsored Manila Family Planning Summit and appealed to the event participants to be more pro-active, especially since mainstream media generally cannot be relied on to dish out all the facts on the issues.

“We cannot expect the conscript media and the principal organs of government propaganda to explain this to our people. They will likely censor it, or give it an altogether fanciful meaning. But we in this assembly have a duty to understand it and share it with the rest of our countrymen,” he asserted.

Other speakers on the first day of the Cebu event were HLI-Asia and Oceania regional director Dr. Ligaya Acosta, CBCP Legal Office executive secretary Atty. Jo Imbong, former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, and Cebu Auxiliary Bishop Julito Cortes.

Cebu Archbishop Emeritus Ricardo Cardinal Vidal presided over the Eucharistic celebration. (CBCP for Life)

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