For Indian Contemplative, Mary is a refuge for thousands of poor people of every caste and creed

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MUMBAI, May 31, 2013–”Thousands of people of all caste and creed, who call India home, pray to the Virgin Mary and have faith in her powerful intercession. Our Lady rushes to help those who suffer and live in poverty, becoming their refuge and hope. Today, feast day of the Visitation, Mary visits the heart of each of us,” said Sister Gemma, prioress of the Carmelite cloister in Mumbai, as she talked about the importance of bringing the Virgin’s message to one’s heart, in preparation for Pope Francis’ Worldwide Eucharistic Adoration next Sunday.

“The world today lacks love, solidarity and communion. With the great feast of the Visitation, Mary proclaims to the world the love of Jesus, witnessed through concern for others, in solidarity and communion with people in need of assistance. Man’s greatest need is the thirst for love and belonging. Mary rushed to help Elizabeth, and her very presence brought support and comfort.”

“With sweetness, Mary brought the message of love of Jesus to Elizabeth,” said the nun, “filling her heart with joy, startling the child she was carrying. This is the power of prayer. When we kneel in adoration, we know that Jesus touches people and fills them with his profound joy. ”

For Sister Gemma, each man “wants to do great things for God, but the Virgin sends a more radical message: God has done great things for her. This is the true sign of change. We are first loved and blessed by Him, and this love drives us to seek His face in others and to support each other.”

Conceived by Pope Benedict XVI and issued by Pope Francis, the Worldwide Eucharistic Adoration on 2 June, is a great example of God’s love.

Like in churches and cathedrals around the world, Mumbai’s Carmelites have brought forward their daily hour of adoration, to be in communion with the Pope and the whole Church.

“This event, “Sister Gemma explained, “has no precedent in history, and fulfils Isaiah’s prophecy: ‘I am coming to gather all nations and tongues; they shall come and see my glory’ (66:18).”

“Although we nuns remain within the walls of the cloistered Carmelite Monastery, we are in the world through our prayers and charity work,” the nun added.

“Through such a gathering of nations to adore her son, we are following the example of Mary’s visit, who invites us to worship Her son. Thanks to the Virgin, everyone gathers around God. Mary calls upon us to be together with Her in communion and solidarity with the Vicar of Christ to bring once again Jesus into the world. Through worldwide adoration and the virgin’s intercession, Christ shall reach into the heart of the human family.” (AsiaNews)

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