MANILA, June 19, 2013 – Instead of an angry-slogan-kicking-and-screaming type of rally, a pro-life group is inviting everyone who opposes R.A. 10354 to a festive gathering on July 9 along Padre Faura Street, in front of the Supreme Court.

Aside from being a show of support for the lawyers and petitioners against the RH law, as oral arguments start on the said day, the event is meant to communicate a decidedly pro-life message to the public.

Singing and dancing for life

“We’re pegging this as a festive gathering because we need to send out the message to our nation that we should always celebrate life. The best thing that can happen to a person is to be born, to begin with. Our nation needs to celebrate and respect life,” explained AJ Perez, president of Filipinos for Life, the event’s main organizer.

True to its upbeat tone, the event’s program, which will start at 9 a.m., will feature the praying of the rosary, short pep talks from representatives of the petitioners and of course, some singing and dancing.

Participants are encouraged to come in red and bring along with them placards with “positive pro-life messages.”

The natural law argument

Despite a protracted battle with the RH law, Perez has high hopes that the oral arguments starting on July 9 could be a turning point.

“We recognize the fact that this may be a historic moment in our country’s history. We’ve been fending off RH for so many years now, and this might be our chance to finally slay the dragon, so to speak, and put an end to RH once and for all,” he added.

From the 12 petitions filed against the controversial law, Perez noted, the most compelling argument seems to be the case for natural law and how RH, in essence, aims to subvert it.

The natural law is defined as “a body of unchanging moral principles regarded as a basis for all human conduct.”

Arguments will be made on how R.A. 10354 is designed to coerce citizens into going against their moral judgment and natural inclination of being open to life – something clearly against natural law.

Though Perez could not provide a projected number of attendees, several groups like Pro Life Philippines, Rosaries for Life, St. Paul College, Don Bosco Mandaluyong, and Youth United for the Philippines under Anthony Lumicao of University of Asia and the Pacific have confirmed their attendance.

For more information, contact the Pro-life office at (02) 733-70-27, (02) 734-94-25, 0918-2337783 or email (Nirva’ana Delacruz)