Don’t underestimate the value of Barangay polls, bishop tells youth

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MANILA, Oct. 27, 2013—Legazpi Bishop Joel Baylon urged young voters to make wise choice in electing their barangay leaders tomorrow, adding that their votes spell the life and future of the country. 

The chairman of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth, Baylon reminded the voting public that barangay leaders are often the ones who rose to the ranks of mayors, congressmen, senators and even presidents. 

“One day these barangay officials will be the ones who will enact laws, receive public funds and become the country’s future leaders,” he said. 

Since young voters comprise the majority of the electorate, Baylon urged the youth to base their votes on the values of their chosen candidates. 

“For me, it is important that the kind of leaders they will elect are the ones who will show them the right example of public service,” the prelate added. 

He also called on to soon-to-be elected barangay officials and urged them to see public office as an opportunity to be Christ-like. 

“May the Lord also give them the right conscience so that they would know that public service is a responsibility and an opportunity to do Christian service. Therefore, they should serve the people as a Christian witness, not to take advantage of the people and their money,” he added. 

On Monday, Filipino voters will troop to public schools to elect the new set of officials for the 42,028 barangays nationwide. Barangay chairmen (kapitan) and councilors (kagawad) enjoy three-year terms. (YouthPinoy)

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