Demolition of fish cages in Taal Lake sought

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MANILA, June 1, 2011—Following the massive fish kill incident, a Catholic archbishop has called for the dismantling of fish cages in Taal Lake.

Lipa Ramon Arguelles said that aside from being an eyesore, the fish cage operations are killing the lake, declared a protected area.

Since Thursday, some 800 metric tons of dead milk fish (bangus) and tilapia were seen floating on Taal Lake in Talisay.

“I’m thankful that the tawilis and maliputo were spared from the fish kill. Bangus and tilapia are non-natives species of the lake and are killing the lake,” Arguelles said.

“In fact, I am pleased with the fish kill of bangus and tilapia because they will kill Taal Lake like what they did in Laguna Lake,” he said.

The prelate called on the government to make the lake “100 percent fish cages free” to save it before it is too late.

“The lake should be returned to Batangueños because most of its investors and operators are Koreans and Taiwanese,” he said.

Aside from maliputo and tawilis, the world’s only commercial freshwater sardine, the lake is also home to endemic species duhol, one of the only three freshwater sea snakes in the world.

Arguelles said the economic benefits the people could get from the fish farms in the lake is only temporary compared to the damage it will create.

But he said many people focus on immediate economic gain irrespective of the damage to the same sources they are dependent on. (CBCPNews)

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