MANILA, Sept. 11, 2013—As secular influences worsen the promiscuity and liberated mindset of the present generation, a chastity speaker on Saturday called on young Catholics to live a chaste life by waiting for marriage before engaging in sexual activities. 

Renowned chastity speaker Crystalina Evert called on young individuals to veer away from promiscuity and treasure their virginity as the best gift they can give to their future spouses. 

“If you are being mocked for living out a life of chastity, of purity, and of respecting your body, remember every single word they say…because when you stand on that altar, in front of your wife or your husband, there will be no laughter, there will be no mockery. Nobody will be making fun of you for living a life of chastity,” she said. 

Speaking over thousands of individuals during the pro-life and chastity convention dubbed as Real Love Revolution 2013, Evert stressed the importance of saving one’s virginity until marriage. 

“There will be complete silence on (your wedding) day, on that church and on any of the people…So keep that in mind and put that in your heart because your life goes so much far than where it is right now,” she said. 

“For those in the audience who are still virgin, I have the utmost respect for you. Do not ever be ashamed of that. Be proud of that because I know plenty of people who would love to trade places with you and I was one of them. I know we are not perfect, we all make mistakes, but don’t be ashamed of what you have,” Evert said. 

“For those of you in the audience who may not be virgin, I do not care who you are, where you came, or what situation you are in right now, it is never too late for anyone to start over…God loves you and there is nothing that can’t be forgiven,” she added. 

Respect for own body 

Noting that she also lived a liberated lifestyle during her early years, Evert reminded the faithful, especially the women, to treat their own bodies with utmost respect. 

“If I could not respect my own body, how could I expect (others) to respect it?…What’s not the big deal here? My body? My dignity? My self-respect? Deep down, I knew there was [something] wrong, I knew I do not want to live that way…I always thought it’s too late, what’s done is done, there’s nothing I can do about it,” she said. 

“It tears me up that I allowed someone to rob me of the gift of God…even if I did not have my dignity to give to (my husband) during our wedding night, I gave him the stack of letters of all the ‘no’ I said for him,” Evert said, referring to her act of writing letters to help her purge her emotion every time she is being tempted to go back to her old lifestyle. 

She called on people who wish to abstain from promiscuity to listen to the call of the Divine and to figure out His plans for their lives. 

“For those of you who are single right now, embrace that singleness. Don’t be afraid, don’t be wondering and thinking that you need to be in a relationship…Just step back, think about it and start looking at what God really wants you [to] do with your life. Try to become that strong woman of God,” she said. 

Focusing on changing the things you wish to change is the key to a successful conversion, she said. 

“I had my eyes focused on God and what He wants to do with my life. That’s where I found out. You just focus on God and he will show you when it is time…Feel that relationship with God and enjoy this time of singleness because it won’t last forever,” she said. 

“God knows the longings of your heart…Know what you want in a man, know what you want in a woman and take it seriously…God knows it because he placed all those things there. You just have to take them seriously,” she added. 

Evert also gave an advice to individuals who are suffering from domestic violence, saying that they should walk out of the relationship for they deserve a better treatment from their partners. 

“You deserve better and you should want better. You shouldn’t be with someone hoping they are going to change. Don’t ever stay with someone in hopes that they’re going to be a different person. You should want to stay with that person because that is who he or she is, making you want to become a better person,” she said. 

Chastity begins at home 

While recognizing the fact that the outside world can bear great influence to the perception of individuals toward sex, Evert said chaste virtues are inculcated at home through the proper guidance of parents to their children. 

“If it is awkward for you to talk to your kids about sex…still place the information before them because if you won’t do that, the world would be very happy to do it for you,” she said, noting that the failure of parents to educate their child about sexuality and relationships is often the reason why young individuals are being led to a promiscuous life. 

“They want to obtain the knowledge, you just have to give it to them…Don’t let your insecurity make them suffer by not giving the information they need,” Evert added. 

She urged parents to express love and care to their children so the latter won’t have to seek for attention outside the comforts of their home. 

“The most supportive thing parents can do to their children is to love and talk to them…Let them know they are loved, let them know they are wanted. If you don’t give those things at home, (they will end up searching for it outside where they could be exposed to danger),” she said. 

Evert urged the people to open their hearts and minds to the Divine so they may be led to living a pure and chaste lifestyle. 

“Do not ever underestimate the power of your own testimony to others…don’t underestimate what God wants to do in your life,” she noted. 

“God will use you if you will let Him…God wants you to be exactly where you are now. Maybe you have an addiction…maybe you are in an abusive relationship, maybe you are in a messed-up marriage, but God can still use you and He can help you overcome anything…His grace is sufficient..all that matters is where you go from here,” Evert said. (Jennifer Orillaza)