Celebrate Valentine’s Day spiritually, youth told

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MANILA, Feb. 13, 2013—As consumerism and materialism have taken over the celebration of Valentine’s Day, a Catholic priest is reminding the youth to observe it spiritually.

CBCP’s youth commission executive secretary Fr. Conegundo Garganta stressed that giving the celebration a Christian perspective, the Church is highlighting the true value of love, sacrifice, forgetting oneself and being good to other person.

“More than between two people, since this is usually being promoted to men and women being in a love relationship, they must give respect to one another. That makes love noble. But most of all, they must observe purity and [other good] values which are the chaste components of love,” Garganta said.

The priest expressed the need to change the secular concept of the celebration because of its commercialistic approach, without spiritual celebration.

“Reminding those who are in the bonds of marriage to observe fidelity between man and woman is one way of starting to change its commercial aspect. And for the youth, learning to wait for the right time, for respecting the value of patience and pure love is more important than consigning on a brief romance that can happen on the day of hearts,” Garganta added.

He believes celebrating Valentine’s Day is not about material things that are shared to another person but on how a person is able to make another person see him/her as being loved.

“Another underlying thing is not just the external thing but something deeper within, such as respect, dignity, importance of self-esteem and proper decision. The youth should appreciate these things which are more meaningful for themselves and for those who they want to declare their love,” Garganta emphasized.

He furthered that people must not be tied to the heart’s day alone because the entire year is a time where “we are asked, challenged, to show our care and love.” (Jandel Posion)

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